A brush with "Wow" effects of the Linux world

(Slax with lg3D)

It was the first time, I took a screen shot of the power of graphics in Linux in action, and I thought I would share it with you guys. In the screen shot you can see the start menu, yeah the 3D "thing" at the left corner and the minimized windows get arranged in a 3D z-axis along the task bar. The appliaction that has been opened is the - picture viewer.

In the next screen shot,

you can the see the Firefox window being tilted over the right side in 3D space as in Windows Vista.
Remember all these shots where taken on my desktop PC with 256 MB RAM and a P IV 2.4 GHz processor PC. Now contrast this with the system specs and the hardware overload that would be required to run such extravagant graphics effects on some other O.S other than Linux.

If you want to try this out , check out https://lg3d.dev.java.net/
to read more about it, head on to

and if you are curious to try out this on windows, check out

I had earlier tried out lg3d on windows myself and it was really cool. But it was a bit sluggish though, but in Linux this really did turn out to be really really fast. And i am loving it ™.

As a side note,I got the Live cd of lg3d(Slax flavour) with this month's Digit computer magazine.
bye guys

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