Flock rocks

(Screenshot of me using the latest flock browser)

Yesterday I downloaded the latest version of Flock web browser from here. The new browser just looks awesome and it has some really cool features that will keep you glued to it from some moths to come!. It has instant blog option - that is, You can create you blog posts off line and save it in your pc- if you want to , and finally upload it to blogger with one single click.

It displayes the latest images from flickr and videos from youtube and also update you on the latest news from various domains from several website. Adding your own content to these sites is also very easy -with just one click!. All these are available from the "My world" button(see the pic)

It has so much features, that you need some time to get used to all its features. Even for beginners, the browser offers a lot than just surfing the sites. Anyway, I consider it as a "Must-download" for any tech enthusiast :)

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