nrg to iso -Burn images in Linux

hi guys,

Recently I came across a neat solution to convert nrg files to iso in Linux which I though I would share it with you.

I guess, most of you would have faced the situation when you want to burn an image to disk and its in the ".nrg" format. Note that, the famous cd burning tool in linux(K3b) and many others wont be able to recognize this, but they could easily support "iso" type images. so you need to convert it before using them.
So lets fire up the shell first, then issue this command

dd bs=1k if=image.nrg of=image.iso skip=300

(You'll probably have to change directories to the location of the .nrg file)

Replace image.nrg with then name of your .nrg file (something.nrg), replace of with the name you want your outgoing file to be (something.iso)

It will take about a min or two, depending on the size of the image.Then its time to burn! Here our ".iso" image gets created in the same directory as the source ".nrg" file(you can change it by specifying the direcotry path, if you want to)

If everything went on smoothly, you will see a screen somthing similar to this

596572+1 records in
596572+1 records out
610889884 bytes (611 MB) copied, 47.6749 seconds, 12.8 MB/s
linux-master: #

Next, Open k3b(or type k3b in run) in Linux. In the tools menu, choose "Burn Cd image" and open the "iso" image and click the start the burn. You now have a brand new ISO image. C00l

As a side note you could also check out nrg2iso ,to convert nrg files to iso files, but i haven't checked it out myself.

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