Virus Attack!!

(The virus attack, reminds me of this ^)

Hi guys,

From what I percieve, my XP seems to down due to a pretty nasty virus. I guess, it might have got into my system from one of the usb thumb drives(flash drives )that i use. Anyway the funniest thing(if any) here is that, eventhough i used to open this drive open from linux systems, it was not affected.

As a matter of fact, the virus was not able to touch(
change) even a small part of the linux system. And I am posting this post from my Suse system. The problem with XP now is that, as soon as I type the user name and password and try to login, i get immediately logged out.And even during all these crisis times, linux was there for me(all 6 distros, which i had installed in my box). Now i understand the meaning of 'stability'

Since, currently i am busy with my project(
to be submitted my next week) at NIIT, i could not dwelve more into the issue. So I decided to reinstall the complete XP system. I have read that if the file -> userinit.exe(winnt/system32) get corrupted, this problem could occur. But I have tried to replace it and so on, but all in vain. So chances are, I would be reinstalling the complete XP system, from scratch, today.

As a matter of fact,there is much uncertainity over the actual cause of the attack, what was attacked and so on. Since I had installed 2 keyloggers, around the same time that I accessed the usb(flash) drive the chance for a nasty malware/spywaree cannot be ruled out. But one thing I can assure you dudes; During the last two times(in the past 1 year), when there were virus attacks, Linux just remained stable. Simply becuase, "exe" files wont run in linux(unless ofcourse, you force it to) and most of the time, i will be in the less previleged user mode, so even if virus some how got into the system, it cannot do much damage.

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