The strange close tab problem in firefox

I had been experiencing this problem for the past few days, namely

Whenever i close firefox, with multiple tabs open, it doesnt show the usual "tabs are open, do you want to close" confirm dialog box. This really intrigued me and today I found the soultion.
Just open firefox, in the address bar type "about:config"(without quotes)

then in the filter text box, type

click on the entry named "browser.tabs.warnOnClose
If it is set to false, double click it to make it true

After this, whenever i closed by firefox session with multiple tabs opened, firefox issues the confirm dialog


(note: For all those hackers out there, about:config, is a place to really check out all the cool featues hidden in firefox, but be sure to backup before proceeding
that is, if you are in windows, copy the file prefs.js located at - C\documents and setting\<user Name>\Application data/mozilla/firefox/profiles)

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