Brand new Suse 11.0 beta 3 for all

(Screenshot of KDE 4 in action :
I hope to post some of my own desktop screenshots of KDE 4 soon, as soon I finish my Suse 11 download OR my friend Swaroop finishes the Fedora 9 with kde 4 download)

Hi guys,

The much awaited beta 3 release of Suse 11.0 was released today. You can read the release notes here. I immediately clicked download link in the download page to get my hands on the brand new kde 4. Check out some screenshots of kde 4 here.

If you want to try out Suse 11.0 with kde4 yourself, just head on to and choose whether you want 32 bit / 64 bit(read the instructions ,just below the radio buttons, to understand which category you want to choose)

As a side note, i want to add some thing here; Nowadays people are crazy over the core 2 CPUs from Intel and X2 from AMD. So although these processors support 64 bit, I would suggest to go for 32 bit Suse distro, because, still a lot of softwares are written nativley for 32 bit(I am quite aware of the site, the conversion to 64 bit memory address space, could result in a slight(very very small) time overhead.This is simple becuase, 64 bit processor show thier optimum power while running native 64 bit apps on a 64 bit platform( and i bet a lot of apps are going to be written(compiled) just for the 64 bit platform in the very near future)

This problem(?) doesn't come up, if you happen to use a 32bit apps on a 32 bit OS. So my humble suggestion is to go for a 32 bit distro, unless you want to google later on for "view flash videos in 64bit firefox+linux" !!

Hope to hear from you soon.

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