Shopping for AMD Athlon XP 2000+

Today I recieved a call from my uncle, He informed me that his motherboard had some problems and he wanted to replace it. He wanted to buy a new motherboard, but didn't know which one to choose from. The only thing he knew was that, he had an AMD processor(purchased nearly 4-5 years ago) with a number called "2000". He had little/no information regarding the motherboard or the type of processor. Since I am Intel fanboy, I kind of always had trouble with the naming conventions regarding AMD processor line. So with this "2000" number in hand, my journey began to find a suitable motherboard for my uncle.

The first stop was obvious, the AMD site. They had a neat little search bar at the top. I typed in 2000, 2000+, amd 2000+ and various other combinations. But unfortunately most of them spewed out some old news related to Windows® 2000 Server !!!! Cool.

Googling for "amd 2000", I came to realize that(from the search results) the name of the actual product is AMD Athlon XP 2000+. Cool;

So ,The next stop was wikipedia. This search landed me up in the page -
List of AMD Athlon XP microprocessors. From this page, it was clear that this processor had a frequency of 1667 MHz, 256 KiB L2 Cache ,266 MT/s FSB. I also came to know that the part number(I never knew such a number ever existed !) of this processor was AX2000DMT3C

I went back to the AMD site again and searched for AX2000DMT3C and this is what i got.

No results were found for your search.
Your query is too restrictive.
You might want to try ax2000dmt3c:

So i tried out ax2000dmt3c(the same query as before, but now in small leters) and this was the resulting page(see below)

No results were found for your search.
Try changing some of the words in your query.

Tips for better results:

  • Check your syntax.
  • Make sure to use the correct spelling.
  • Use the correct case (uppercase for capitalized names, lowercase for common words and phrases).
  • Use a comma to separate capitalized names or phrases.
    For example: Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin
Cool, back to google again, googled for AX2000DMT3C and found this link from Nice, now just a quick glance through the page showed this :

Motherboard that supports an AMD XP 2000+ 1.67GHZ Socket A CPU .

A little more google revealed that I(i mean my uncle) needed a 462 Socket A motherboard and details of vendors providing this motherboard can be found here. And hence the journey ends here.

But coming back to amd, for a last try I headed on to Desktop Processor Solutions page and guess what among all the hundreds of amd processors listed, the 2000+ wasn't even listed !!! cool. Is anyone listening ?

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