My guitar story

A short story of boy and his guitar

Okay, now first of all this is a real story about me and music, so you would find very little technical(computer related) stuff in this, so may be, you want to skip this.

Okay now getting back to the story. It started with the guitar classes that I used to attend when I was some 9 years old. It was an acoustic guitar. Back then, I remember it as a very huge instrument, and that I always wanted to play what I wanted, but our teacher, used to have very rigid rules as to how once must proceed during the course of learning guitar. Although the classes stopped when I had to shift my school, the desire remained within.

Fast forward 10 years, now in college, thanks to my amazing friends, Melvin, Nithin, Nandu and many others, I started to get to know and see music and also try out various stuff. In the mean time, I had been trying out various stuff in Fruity loops(Its a great software, where you could have different instruments, and compose music with those instruments, right on your computer, with no additional add-ons)

The break through in music in my life happened, when our class decided to go big time with electric guitar and stuff for one of the events in the college. I was informed that Melvin would be on the lead, with electric guitar and the practice would be happening in the classroom where we had our 1st semester. As I slowly entered the room, I felt the entire room and world getting transformed around me..... He was trying out various effects on the pedal, like wah-wah, echo etc and he played a few licks. It was an amazing experience. After that I made sure that, whenever they practiced, I did not miss that out.

Some months later, when I decided to come to Bangalore to pursue my studies at NIIT, Melvin had come to my place and he had brought his accoustic guitar with him. After he showed me various stuff in it and we spend some time, he just kept the guitar at my home and said he would take the next time he comes to my home. And it did remain so the next couple of weeks at my home. Back then, I did not even know the right way of holding a guitar and this was the time when he just kept it at my home, and I did not know what to say. I tried out various stuff, I mean just playing around until I broke one of the strings :( ( Sorry buddy )

After I came to Bangalore, I kept contact with Melvin and asked about guitars and music. Finally when I saw the movie 'The rocker'(The songs in the movie by actor/ singer Teddy Geiger is just so cool) and 'Freaky Friday', especially the final scene in 'Freaky friday', I wanted to go for an electric guitar. In a span of 4-5 months, and a lot of discussion later I and Melvin decided to hit Brigade road, the home of many guitar and music shops in bangalore. Finally when the day arrived, I was excited beyond measure. And here I was at brigade road, and we hit the first shop.

(The story would continue in the next post)

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