News aggreagator in Python

Following are some of the links I came across while trying to make a python based rss aggregator. Although the following resources(links) can guide to some really cool stuff, my plan is to have a python based rss aggregator customized to present information in some really cool ways like depending on my usage, tell me which news i like the most and present those and so on. If they are really nice info, I should be able to send it to my news group > uit_tvm, by just a click of a button. I will keep you guys updated on the status of the project.

As per current requirements, the project has 2 parts
1. Python parser - which fetches rss feeds from sites
2. Email the feeds to uit_tvm - either I need to run my own email server(which is really cool ) or I need to access GMail/Yahoomail using python API provided by yahoo.

So the following links to point to the above mentioned ideas.

Email APIs
Send email in python

Accessing your Gmail inbox with Python
libgmail — Python binding


About BBauth required for yahoo mail API

for Google's Gmail service

Running your own server
Apache emal server Comparison of mail servers

PyDigg - A Python Toolkit for the Digg API

Accessing Yahoo Mail withtout POP

Yahoo! Mail Web Service Code Samples

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