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Hi guys,
6 more days to go for June 19- The official release date of the much awaited OpenSuse 11.0, And the excitement has been growing like never before. The new release features all the latest packages as well as the much hyped and awaited KDE 4. Check out some cool screenshots and a review of OpenSuse 11.0 beta 2, here.

I recently found this at the Opensuse Forum, while trying to comprehend the meaning of the word GoldMaster edition as mentioned in the roadmap.

Re: Has opensuse 11 Goldmaster come out yet?
GM means it's finished, everything is done and it's ready to be sent out. It's related to game development and windows development. So I'll use those. In game development a GM release would be sent to pressing (to create disc's), packaged and sent to stores for the sell date. The same applies to a windows release, BUT they still do testing, and windows can ship with bugs, as long as they are not show stoppers. (not counting Vista )

Same concept applies here, but instead of going to get pressed (even though it will) they right now are preparing documents, getting the repos ready and contacting people so they can host the image. I imagine 10-15 people are getting the torrent file so they can have that ready, and the Opensuse website is getting configured to support 11, instead of 10.3. Bugs are still being worked, but since they aren't system stoppers these will most likely just be patches released close to the release date of 11. So all in all if you installed RC1 (or updated to RC1) and installed all the package updates you should be good to go, in fact my repo's switched over on my PC a couple days ago to use the 11.0 repos. Thats how it normally works. Remember it's going to take 2-3 days to sync all the servers and mirrors with the 11.0 release.
(source: OpenSuse forum)

After I reading, I felt very excited thinking about the great job done by 1000's of people around the world setting up servers, configuring websites and working round the clock to make sure that when we got to their site to get a distro(For FREE), its always a smooth ride, be it Slackware,Suse or Debian or any other great distro for that matter.

And guys, Also do check out the list of some great OpenSuse 11.0 Launch Party Locations.

Bye and do comment about your OpenSuse 11.0/KDE-4 experience after June 19th

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