Official employee of ACS

(Official logo of ACS)

Tomorrow (Aug 11, 2008)is my joining date as an official employee of mulinational company ACS, and I am very much proud of it. The interview and selection process was really cool and I enjoyed every bit of it. Its a really good feeling to be part of $5bn company, and to know that whatever you learned could be put to use in the following days.

I just want to thank all my friends, teachers and especially my parents who stood by me, and helped me get this job. Thanks for your prayers and blessings. Love you guys


Other news


My brother and my sister in law, would be reaching trivandrum, within a few hours. They will be spending some days at trivandrum.

Swaroop's dell laptop is half-way through shipment, and when it arrives, it would be the 3rd Dell laptop in our place where we are staying. Mine was the first!!

Came to know about hudson from Java posse podcast(Java posse is a really cool awesome java podcast). Its a continues integrations system. Hudson helps you to build/test software projects continuously and automatically. You can find more about Hudson here and to see hudson used in a live project visit the status of Continuous Integration Builds for NetBeans Projects site.

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