A small gift for my mom

(A small gift for my mom : A nice sweet blog)

Its been some days, since my mom wanted to write about one of her favorite pass times: Gardening.

She told this to me, and I just said Okay. Some days later, I found her meticulously(since she was new to blogging) going though the cool blogger help, page by page. This really did catch my attention and I asked her what she was up to. She told me she wanted to create a blog, to blog about gardening and was trying to learn about it.

I loved her enthusiasm, in learning new things, and sat with her. She created the blog and added a new post. Since she had selected one of the templates provided by blogger, it kind of looked dull, atleast not at all apt for a gardening blog, I thought, and I told her, of the same. She too liked the idea, and so I decided to chip in, to redesign her blog design.

So as mentioned in one of my previous posts(Changing blogger template) I started with freecsstemplates.org. Got a nice template, Nature's charm , hacked it a little bit to suit her needs and uploaded it to blogger.

But here comes the problem.

The navbar problem

(Due to navbar present at the top every blog, the menu contents has shifted downwards , around 5o pixels or so , which really spoils the aesthetics of the blog)

So I decided to remove the navbar. After a bit of research(Googling around), I found that removing navbar DOES NOT violate (citation needed) TOS with Google.

You can hide the navbar, by inserting this code in the style sheet part(css part) of your page

#navbar-iframe {height:0px; display:none;}

Even though you remove the navbar, the content seems to be around 50 pixel, shifted downwards.

So in the template, I added the following code inside the body { }

top: -50px;
position: relative;

This effectively shifts the contents upwards. Since the problem was solved, I decided to add the navbar back again - as a small token of thanks to Google.

So everything is cool, and my mother has a really cool, sleek blog which I am proud to announce to you.

The Flowering beauties - blog on gardening and plants

So guys do check out this cool new blog, and I wish my mother all the best for this new endeavor :)

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