Arnoldation - Part 2 (Judgement day)

This is in continuation with my previous post 25 weeks to Arnoldation, which tracks my fitness goals and areas that I am proud and the things I should improve upon.

Weeks 5 - 10
  1. Made it a point to hit park on weekends and other holidays and make atleast 5 - 8 rounds of jogging coupled with 10-12 rounds of fast paced walking.
  2. Weight shot upto 69.5 KG, Yehaaaaaa, I am so closed to reach my first milestone, which is 70 KG(154.3 pounds)
  3. 'Push up' count reached 50 for the first time, and that too in proper form
  4. Reps for flys, and raises have crossed 15(earlier less than 6)
  5. More crunches that ever before, to take care of the tummy
  6. I can see visible changes in my forearms, biceps, tricpes, rib cage, thighs; Small but significant and motivating me to push harder
  7. Included meditation as a daily routine
  8. Have become more conscious even while doing day to day tasks like, lifting a bucket, sitting while traveling, make sure to walk with the correct posture(ear, shoulder, hips on the same straight line)
  9. Two rounds around ITPL(for about 20 mins) in the evening, on most days
  10. Learned more about ab excercises from the book The Complete Guide To Abdominal Training by Christopherm Norris
Plan for the next 4 weeks
  1. Include more variety in food intake to accommodate duck eggs, protein shakes, salads, cheese, butter etc
  2. 60 mins of strict workout and 20 mins of rounds inside the park, prior to that
  3. 'Presses' using barbell with 4 kg( 2 kg plate + weight of barbell)
  4. Learn more about exercises, food, nutrition and physiology
  5. Incorporate ALL the main moves that I learned in KungFu prior to the work out or during that
  6. Make sleep and rise times fixed and do not fluctuate a lot
  7. Increase 'Curls' and 'Fly's dumbell weights to 7 KG (5 + 2 kg plates)

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