Skip Rope

(NSFW : Kindly excuse the skimpy clothes in the video, but its indeed a great workout video)

'Skip rope'ing got into me after I saw this amazing video on youtube posted above, about skip rope(jump rope)by Zuzana from body rock site. I googled for several videos since then, and hence I decided to include it in my workout routine. It's been 3 days since I bought the skip rope but it's been idling since then, due to the roadblocks I have listed below.

Road block – 1

My first plan was to head to the nearby park, for skipping due to lack of space at my place. The park closes by 8:00 A.M and several attempts to reach before that turned out to be futile, since I was unable to get up and be there, before that.

Solution: I decided to do skipping on the terrace

Road block – 2

Got up @ 6:00 AM went to terrace on Monday( Jul 19), and started skipping. The loud thud caused by me jumping up and down, was almost unbearable, so I was kindly requested by my cousin to stop it :)

Solution : I have to find some place else, but no idea where . . .

Road block -3

Since the option of going to park and skipping on the terrace was out of question, I had to think about something else. Our bedroom was hardly 8 feet high and there were lot of things inside it(including a TV, closet and a bed), so I couldn't possible even think about skipping inside the bedroom.

I did it !!

I was so disappointed thinking about all that, and I switched on my laptop to hear some music (which I always do when I hit road blocks like these)and stumbled across the video of this muscular guy and something inside me told me that I wanted to be like him.

I got up from my bed, took the jump rope, came back to my bedroom. I moved a couple of things around, made sure I stayed AWAY from the TV and finally tied the rope around my wrist so that the length reduced so that I would not be hitting the ceiling when I do the skipping/ jumping. And guess what ? In 10 mins I had done 8 sets of 4 reps each ! And I am sure this would be daily routine henceforth.

So why sharing this ?

The whole idea of sharing this with you is that, you might be having several roadblocks that prevent you from reaching your fitness goals. Keep looking out for options and I am sure you would hit the solution pretty soon . Several posts by Melola from Spark people had also inspired me in thinking of ways in achieving my fitness goal. In one post, she even stated keeping her jogging machine inside the kitchen since there was no place other than that in her house.

Wishing you all the best.

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