Towards wealth and investment

With suggestion from my best friend and fiancee, I had decided to go for investing in Gold shares. And the first place was to ask my parents, since they were veterans in share trading over the past 2 decades. With some basic information, that I got from them, I decided that it was upto me to take this forward. So I did the following changes in my lifestyle to accommodate this new interest in wealth and investment:
  1. Developed a new interest in reading financial newspaper. A special mention goes to 'Economic times'. You can get its e-version here. ( Man !! can't believe the trash that comes in today's regular newspapers)
  2. Changed my home page to I must say that's definitely one site that must be on your daily reading list, among others if you are serious about wealth and investment
  3. Got some really amazing books : 'Rich Dad, Poor dad', 'Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy' and many others
  4. Started making entries of my daily expenditure, first started with excel then moved onto full fledged software - Gnucash
  5. Started thinking about ways I could reduce my expenditure, including reducing my broad band plan, which I rarely used, Using more public transport than private cabs. The habit of making note of daily expenditure helped me identify these hot spots and take measure to solve them (Again another amazing suggestion from my fiancee)
In the next post, I would try to tell more about my adventures in stock market and the thought process behind those decision. Until then, be happy.

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