Training @ Microsoft for Visual Studio 2010

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Got a chance to learn the latest and the greatest features of Visual Studio 2010 at the training that was conducted at Microsoft Campus, today.

The details
Venue : Embassy Golf Link park, from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Speaker: Abhimanyu from iMentor

It was the first time, I got a chance to have a peek inside one of the companies that I wanted to work, back in the days when Microsoft was the new Google (or the new facebook?) So when the day for nomination came, I made sure that my manager did not miss out my name.

Getting up was a bit difficult but was made super easy, by that someone special. I reached the campus by 9:00 AM and was a cool 30 mins ahead of the scheduled time. I liked the building and the office space. All in all, it was a great training session, and I really did feel that Visual Studio 2010 + Team Server might actually turn out to be a pretty interesting combination. I got a chance to learn about how developers, database programmers, testers and architects could collaborate and work on the same platform. Since my exposure other suites is limited, I might be a bit biased here ;) Kindly excuse

There are 2 more training sessions, that I plan to attend. So take away for me is : Even if you hate meca-shaft as a company or their policies(Ballmer - Linux is a cancer), don't hate their ideas. May be you could learn from that and find other softwares that does the same thing, or even think of implementing it, in your own way. Needless to say, companies that ARE good at product making, might continue in that direction for some more time to come. So until then, leverage that.
Happy programming !

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