Homecoming of another DELL

(Dell 1440 Laptop)

It was a sunny morning of Sept 25(10 days back) when the phone rang and the person at the other end wanted to confirm the address of the shipment. Once it was informed that he was from Blue dart and he wanted to deliver a sleek new DELL laptop, our joy knew no bound. In another hour's time we(me, mom and dad)saw ourselves, this beautiful and powerful baby(our sweet DELL laptop), right in front of us ......

I still vividly remember the day I got my DELL laptop(Inspiron 1420) last year. I still have it and love it for its sheer performance and stability. Now the one I am talking about here, is the one mom got for herself. We placed the order on Sept 21(which was a public holiday - Ramzan) but DELL functioned as usual. And here we have this great piece of hardware, ready to rock us.

The custom configured 1440(yeah, dell laptops can be custom configured to the core) has some really cool stuff inside.It featured a 45 nm architecture Penryn, dual core 2.0 Ghz T4200 Processor with 1 MB l2 cache, 800 MHz FSB, 4 GB ram, 320 GB Hard drive, DVD writer, on-board Intel graphics,and usual array of things like - wifi, blue tooth,1.3 MP built-in camera. The total cost including taxes and delivery came to 33,000( $ 691 approx) The package also features free trials of Office works, McCafee and the best part was it came with an installable Vista Basic.

All in all, it was a great deal. And I just love my DELL :)