In the land of music

Hi ,
This post comes to you after a while since my last post. And lot of things happened since . .. . I would love to share a lot of things that happened during this time, in the days to come :)

Whats happening now ?

Okay so what's happening now ? I am actively pursuing my passion in music and computers. And from the perspective of music, lot of things, I mean really lot of things have happened. I would share those things too with you the coming days, in various posts. These things have influenced and changed my life in more than one ways.

So what happened today ?

Today I came across the site with this really huge list of notes of various tamil songs. Man !! you need to check this. Now I could just have a look at this site, select the song I like and play it on my sweet guitar. Now for all those guys who wonder, what all those 'S, R,G, M .. ' means, check out this page from the same site.

Future post

In one of the future blog posts, I would speak about harmonics, what is it, how you could learn about it, and some really cool songs that has used harmonics to some amazing effect.

Play on . See you guys in the next post

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