100th post

(This is my 100th post- source: FreeFoto.com)

Its been a while, I have been to blogging, actually its going to be a year . . . Some amazing things have happened in this short amount of time. And I would be all glad to share it with you.

  • May: First and foremost, my brother was blessed with a sweet little baby girl in the month of may
  • June: I got the chance to work with some amazing people and be part of a major delivery of our project that had to be delivered in July. Completely changed the landscape of my career.
  • July: The project we all had been working so hard, was completed on the planned day. Great celebration everywhere ! Chance to move on to the next project
  • Aug: Completed another year @ ACS, A Xerox company, thereby totaling 2 successful years, by the grace of god. Got official laptop and wireless net connection !
  • Sep: B'days of 2 most important people in my life :)
  • Oct: Got some new responsibilities at work. Work/ personal life going great.
  • Nov: More people joined our team, seeing lots and lots of growth opportunities here.
  • Dec: Saw the new house dad bought in Trichur, its really HUGE, with 5 bedrooms and attached bathroom for all those bedrooms. Spacious hall, sitout and a garden. Met parents and had a great time for the 5 days, I stayed there.
  • Jan 2011: New year comes up and I Got chicken pox ! But learnt the breadth and depth and the true meaning of relationship and love. Got some amazing books to read, esp on personality development and never had to look back ever since.
  • Feb: Enriching my work/ personal lives. Learned a lot of new stuff at job. Daily expense + month estimation going great. Starting implementing lot of stuff, I have been reading, seeing some amazing postiive results. My favorite books now are : 'Cup of Comfort - BIG book of prayer', '7 habits of highly effective people', 'The monk who sold his ferrari', 'You can win' and many more
  • March: Got back to blogging :)
A small note of thanks
I want to end this post, with a small note of thanks.
A BIG thanks to all those people who made me who I am. A BIG thanks to God, my personal savior. And all those amazing books which helps me see the world in a brand new perspective. And for my organization, which is helping me take my career to all new heights and the amazing people I got a chance to work with.

Hoping to see more challenging and enduring results in the coming year.

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