Softwares of the week

I came acoss some really cool softwares, that i want to share with you all

This free software sandboxes any software that you have, thereby protecting from potential attacks, especially useful for protecting users from threats that arise out of compromised Web browsers. You can just sandbox any software. For brief intro, check out pcworld and for a detailed intro check out the original site. I just downloaded it and I surely have a long way to go

PS: Visual Studio 2010 installation which just used to fail incredibly after its few mins, ran magically in sandboxie, and I don't know why. Since I am yet to learn about this software, I cancelled the VS 2010 installation in between, not wanting to take any calculated risks

Omni writer(
From initial looks, looks like a great concept. Its a free WYSIWYG editor with non-cluttered UI. There is a good review @ lifehacker.

My Home project updates

There are 2 projects that I am actively pursuing in my free time
1. Easy music copier/ mover
2. My account and expense manager

I will get back with more details about both these softwares soon.

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