Money minting while you sleep

I have been looking for ways to monetize my blog and I came across some options which I wanted to share with you
  1. Blogging ads (url:
    I was looking for a place to sign-up and finally I got it, I was supposed to click on the link 'Bloggers' on the top right corner of the home page. After the quick registration process(which also requires you to have a PayPal account) I was told that my blog do not have the 'REQUIRED PAGE RANKING' . Good !

    What I gained ?
    Due to the requirement mentioned in this site, I got myself registered in PayPal and its free and you could link your bank account to it(Some one earlier told me that its mandatory to have a credit card before you could register in PayPal)

  2. PayPerPost (url :
    Although this site had a more intuitive user interface, after the entire process, it just told me 'SOMEBODY' will contact me with a prospect ad. Wow ! And I was supposed to wait.

    What I gained ?
    Made me think about Adsense more

  3. Adsense(url : )
    Although I did hear about Adsense and also that my cousin still gets a decent 300$ + check from Google (thanks to adsense) was more than ringing bells in my ears. I decided to go for it. The result of which you can see in my blog( on the right) The process is pretty simple.

    1. Just log in to adsense site with your google account and create a free adsense account.
    2. Fill in the details(The house address needs to be correct)
    3. Go to 'My ads' and create a new ad
    4. Paste the code in your blog/ site
Its that simple, and you could get help for all of these steps, elsewhere. So my first step towards reaching the goal of money getting credited while you sleep is moving towards its destination. Hope found this post useful

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