Body Building

(Cover image of 'BIG Book of Exercises' that I bought yesterday)

I don't know what got into me, but I just know that, I have fallen in love with body building. And I have just two things in my mind as the goals
  1. Gain weight in terms of sheer muscle and bone strength ( current aim is 70 KG)
  2. Endurance training resulting in more strength and stamina along with fitness

Now I know that, these goals cannot be reached overnight, But I just started loving the journey towards it. And the best part was that, my body has reacted in a very positive way (Contrary to my 'friend's' comments that I will never put on weight) And with the mouth watering nutritious food that I get from my fiancee I believe this would be one ride I would not forget(Yeah, she comes to my office just to give me this amazing food)
I was able to gain over 2 Kgs(over 4.4 pounds) in less than 2 weeks, and I want to continue in that path. The best part is I don't look that different :)

Firstly started with a pair of 4 KG dumbells, then recently graduated to a barbell, without weights, since the shop did not have stock for 2 x 2 KG steel plates. But that turned out to be boon for me since I think I might actually move to 2 x 4 KG plates ! in a few weeks time

The current routine looks like this

Exercise Name Total Time(mins)
Jogging 10
Stretching (Kung fu based) 10
Upper body(with weights) 10
Lower body(with weights) 10

Nowadays, I regularly track my food consumption using Livestrong website and I got a chance to learn from several of these websites mentioned below
  1. Dumbbell exercises for Men
  2. Hundred pushups in 6 weeks
  3. About Calisthenics (Also 'Google' in videos for Calisthenics)
  4. Review of fitness sites
  5. Scooby's free site about excercise, nutrition and tips

Books that I am reading now
  1. Dumbbell Training For Strength And Fitness by Matt Brzycki, Fred Fornicola
  2. The New Encyclopedia Of Modern Bodybuilding : The Bible Of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated And Revised - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
  3. The Men's Health Big Book Of Exercises - Adam Campbell
I ordered all these books from FlipKart and delivered to me in much less rates(And free home delivery too)

I will keep you posted(Hopefully with some 'Before'/'After' photos too :) ) with all the happenings around me related to Health and Fitness.

Happy rocking your body, bye.

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