Stock trading through SBIcap

(NOTE: This post is very India specific)

After researching on various brokerage firms( companies that help you buy/sell shares), I decided to zero in on ICICI Direct, Reliance Money and SBICap Securities Due to relatively low 'Account opening charges' and 'Minimum balance' and brokerage charges, I decided to go for Reliance Money or SBI. Since SBI people reached back to me first and I already had an account with this bank, I had my account created in less than week and I placed my first order yesterday.

Links about using the SBI platform
  1. Detailed help on using the trading platform
  2. SBI Faq
  3. SBI trading demo
  4. Buying Mutual Funds through SBICAP Securities
  5. Reivew of SBICAP securities

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