25 weeks to Arnoldation

Started my workout approximately 25 working days after my 25th birthday. Probably on Jul 5/ 6th. Prior to that, my physical activities included heavy cycling, covering upto 6 -10 kms everyday when I was around 11 to 14 years of age, martial arts (Kung Fu) between ages 20 –23 and I had joined gym back in 2010. Each time, the experience and the results were much different. And now when I consider body building as a serious hobby, to be perfected at home, I bet all my previous experience could help me a lot, which I would love to share with you all.

Short term goals
  1. Weight gain. Reach 70 KG
  2. Have a great physique
  3. Look and feel Healthy(S*xy)
Long term goals
  1. Weight gain. Reach 80 KG of pure muscle and bone mass
  2. Well built proportionate body
  3. Look and feel Really really Healthy(S*xy) and Strong
Here is a short summary of the progress I made in the past 5 weeks

Week – 1
  1. Started working out with my dumbelss (2 x 4 KGs), some basic exercises, that I had learnt while I was in Gym
  2. Jogging ( On spot)
  3. Medium stretches
  4. Dumbell Flys, curls and Dead lift

Week -2
  1. Started food tracking by amazing free site - LiveStrong
  2. Got myself ‘Arnold’s Modern Encyclopaedia of Body building’ from FlipKart
  3. Also got myself ‘Dumbbell Training For Strength And Fitness by Matt Brzycki, Fred Fornicola’

Week – 3
  1. Good news from Doctor. She said, I had the best cholesterol levels she had seen in any patient
  2. Consulted doctor and as per her recommendation, got myself Protein powder ( 18 g/ scoop)
  3. Got myself a barbell ( 5” , 3 Kgs approx)
  4. Shocked to see my weight shot up to 65.4 KG
  5. Took a couple of ‘before’ photos :)

Week – 4
  1. Received the book ‘Men’s health big book of excercises’ home delivered by FlipKart
  2. Shocked to see my weight shot up to 66.6 KG
  3. Took more ‘Before’ photos
  4. Posted about my new found interest in this blog

Week – 5
  1. Bought myself two 5 Kg plates and a skip rope. Tried and found that it’ not that easy, I definitely need more practice and also a place to do skipping
  2. Prepared a list of things I would eat each day
  3. Steadily been tracking my food intake for the past 3 weeks, and it’s hovering around a cool 1800 + calories a day. Target is 2000+ so that I could have a steady 1/2 kg weight increase each week

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