Weight gain

(My weight tracked in the past 6 months - courtesy Live Strong website)

Hello everyone, just checked weight today ( as I do on all Tuesdays),and I was so happy to see the numbers on the display. I was at a cool 66.5 KG (146.71 lb) and the gain has been going on, in a steady rate. The target is to reach 75 Kg ( mostly with muscle and bone mass) at the end of 6 months. The chart posted above depicts my weight gain in the past 6 months, tracked using Live Strong website.

I just had a box full of green vegetables (primarily consisting of carrots, cucumber, tomato etc) prepared with the magic hands of my fiancee, and it tasted so good. I am beginning to love this food style and I hope to continue this for a really long time. Veg pulao is waiting for me, in the bag. My cubicle mate Venkatesh just told me I look a lot different and he was happy to see that I have food at regular intervals. God bless him :) and all those fine people who are standing by me.

As a side note, I am also sporting a french beard. ;)

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