Changes from within

Among all the things I want to set right with myself in this special year, one would be of making the right choices. Sometimes not making a choice is also a choice. For example, today I got up at 7:00 AM and I wanted to go for jogging and I had 2 choices:
  1. Get my back up, head for brushing and the daily routine, with the water still being cold and head for jogging ( Explicit choice)
  2. Stay at the comfort of the warm, soft bed and continue to sleep and have the excuse that I struggled for the entire week and I have got the 'right' to relax on a cool Sunday morning ( Implicit choice)

Now by not opting for choice #1, we wrongly assume that we have not taken any choice, which is not the case. We have implicitly chosen choice # 2 and all the results that come up with that, including:
  • Guilty feeling that I did not achieve the goals I set to myself
  • Tummy size, would remain the same and I have the genetics, food to blame to
  • Miss the great fresh air of the park and chance to add a few more years to my life
Remember, every type of inacation is also a form of action. I learned it the hard way, in the last few weeks. Hope this helps you in taking a close look at all the 'Inaction' items in your list.

Me and facebook
If you are interested in finding me at facebook, and subscribe to my updates, please bookmark my I am sure you will find it interesting if you are into health and fitness.

Back at office
Our EMC traning would commence tomorrow and would last for two weeks. They intend to cover topics such as xDesign, xAdmin and xPresso. Although we are proficient in these tools and have more than 2 years experience in working with these, we are going to be introduced to the new feautes of this tool as part of the 4.1 release which came a few months back. Training would be between 4:00 PM and 1:00 AM.

Last week, had some really interesting conversation with Seena, Anuroop and Ameer( Hadn't talked to them in years, probably a year or more).

So that's all for today, have a great productive and interesting week ahead.

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