Food intake and body building

(Tropical fruits : Source: sxc)

Ask any body builder and most of them would vow on one thing which is about thier food intake. There is an old saying in the computer world. Garbage in, garbage out. That is, the computer is only as good as the input you give to it. Similarly your body is only as good as the food you give it.
[For everyone else, who is on steroids and performance enhancements drugs, you shouldn't be reading this ! and should be chilling out with your new found strength]

As part of this idea, my chief resolution for year 2012 was to 'Cook healthy food myself' Now the 'myself' part is very important, because I was one person who found all types of excuse to keep myself away from cooking including common excuses such as lack of time, lack of knowledge and so on.

As part of realizing this goal, today I bought potato and some onion and also checked my stock of chilly power, salt and oil. Everything looks oil and this should give me all the propulsion I need, to take me to the cooking orbit. I also plan to keep a record of what I have done, what I plan to do that week, make sure I have everything required for that menu or make a purchase list of things I need to buy ( Not having things required was another 'genuine' excuse I used to make many a times)

Lately I have been doing with eggs, sausages, making juice myself - rather than buying canned juice with preservatives and also buying fresh fruits(which I was do before) and so on

Wish me all the best

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