Goals can be your buddies

(Above: Photo of my team mate Rhonda pace completing here 21 km marathon under 2 hours 28 mins. Now that's the face of a determined person)

Every goal that you set for yourself, is like a relationship. This means that just like any other relationship, the relationship with your goals, needs constant nurturing and evaluation. Now this may seem a little out of the way. Lets take some real life examples

Relationship with your spouse
Your relationship with your spouse is a multi dimensional exchange. Here are a few points you obviously take care on a regular basis

1. Giving your personal best

You have to work on your relationship and provide regular nurturing in terms of love, care and support

2. Feedback
You have to constantly seek for feedback, sometimes it could be direct whereas sometimes, it could be intuition, either way, you have to gain feedback from your partner and modify your actions accordingly

3. Gratitude
Always be grateful for whatever the other person does for you and thank in whatever ways possible

Let's now see how these can be applied to your goals as well

Relationship with your goal

If your goal is to be fit and build a great healthy body, again that becomes a relationship for you. Note that this can be applied to any type of goal, that you set for yourself. Lets see how the points above should be applied to your goals as well

1. Giving your personal best
You regularly work on your goal, spending your time, money and energy.

For example, I am heading to the sports shop now to get a pair of dumbbell rods, so that I can put my 5 Kg plates on that and start my biceps routines again. Now I have been reasoning myself to be content with 4 Kgs one that I already have, so that I don't have to spend this additional money. But guess what, its not helping me.
Although one might question the benefit that 1 additional kg could make, I believe its worth the money I am about to spend, considering the results I will get.

2. Feedback
Here the feedback comes from my body itself. I get to see what works, and what does not. What pains and what tares and so on. If I keep a regular note of all these ( how much did i gain? etc) and act on it, it can bring tremendous results.

3. Gratitude
I should always thank God ( Universal power/ force / Life giver or whatever you may name) for giving me this great body and also the opportunity to work with( and not towards) my goal to achieve what I want. Also being thankful for the support system that you have, and in my case that would be websites, forums, Facebook friends, twitter friends, fitness videos, and books

I am sorry if this sounded too philosophical, but this is what I had in my mind. God bless you.

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