What is your new year resolution ?

What would be the best way to wish your friend than to send a SPAM email/ message/text to him/ her. Its funny when we think about it.
I get greetings from my friends, without my name in the message, or without ANY personal touch, which clearly means that the same message was send to several people, probably 10s or 100's. Whereas my service provider and websites that I have registered to, sends me personalized emails with my name in it, thanks to automated emails by intelligent computer programs !
So its like this, friends send me spam email and machines send me personalized emails. Why are we growing so cold ?
How easy it is these days, to pick up a message and then 'Send to all' or 'CC to all' in your address list. I know that, we all lack time. But how about sending personalized email/ messages to people who are close to you ? You can continue sending spam to everyone else !
I still remember, back in my childhood days, spending time in the shop to pick up the right greeting card, fill it will beautiful messages, addressing it to the right person and sending it to your loved ones. Those days are long past and I don't want to keep complaining about that. But in this age of computers and fast communication, let us stop for a second, slow down and see if there is something that we all can learn from the past.
Next time, when you decide to send some junk 'forwards'/ text/ message to your loved ones, think twice. At least try adding their names, so that it might look like a personalized message. Try adding this to your list of new resolutions and see how love is returned back to you in ways you never imagined.

Have a happy new year

Questions for the 'believer'

1. Did you go to church/temple/mosque today ( Friendship and meeting new people, Eye and touch sensory organ)
2. Did you participate in the worship ( Music, satisfaction for the 'hear' sensory organ)
3. Did you hear some 'Godly' music this week (again, music, satisfaction for the 'hear' sensory organ)
4. Did you pray for a huge list of things that you want to get from God ? Did you sign for a new trade agreement ? That is, if God gives me this, I will do this, kind of thing.
5. Did you call up and give your credit card details to a ministry that you saw in God Tv / newspaper/ church / temple?

I found that the questions posted above has a lot to do with your sensory organs a.k.a touch, taste, smell, see and hear. But if your goal is to move about that plane, then I think you must start thinking above these, at a metaphysical level.

Questions posted below, try to tackle your inner self at a higher level. They might not give you any sensory satisfaction. Consider the first question stated below. When you thank God/ spiritual force/ creator/ Shakthi/ Krishna (call HIM/HER whatever you want, since he cannot be named by anyone) a neural pathway is created in your brain, and that is different from the memory states that you get directly from satisfying your sensory organs(touch, taste, smell, see and hear) More about this later. So check out these questions below, and answer yourself and no one else. God bless you.

1. When was the last time you thanked God for being sick, getting drenched in rain, not getting the promotion you 'deserved' ?

2. When was the last time you decided to stop using curse words and gossip with other people ?

3. When was the last time you allowed an elderly person to be allowed in front of you in a queue or when you got up so that he/she could sit, she while you were traveling in public transport ?

4. When was the last time you decided to stop saying 'Your life is sooooooo difficult and so hard to bear' or your physical pains were the most difficult to endure almost forgetting the suffering that people endure on this planet, without having food, clothing or shelter ?
Looking for some 'cool' sympathy ? Right now, at this moment, while you reading this, think about them. Hey guess what, at least you have got eyes. 285 million people are visually impaired as of today according to WHO. Now that's a big number !

5. When was the last time you visited an orphanage/ prison/ old age home/ destitute place or a slum ? When was the last time you spend an entire day with them, at any of these places ?

6. When was the last time you read about teaching from other spiritually enlightened books like Bhagavat Gita, Koran, teaching of Buddha ?

7. How much time did you spend for meditation today ?

Keep looking for answers and you will find the journey more fruitful than the destination. Looking for that right hand side place in heaven near the throne of God ? Man ! Are you expecting to see some 'non-believers' and your enemies on his left hand side waiting to be punished ?

I bet you are gonna be surprised. Have a nice day.

Why so serious son ?


Think of all the fuss and tension we add to this world. Having a hard day, huh ? World has been pretty cruel to you, today too ? Nothing to thank God for ? Would you like to get some free sympathy and caring ?
Grow up girl/ dude ! How long would you continue to be the cry baby? All of us go through problems. God did not pick you up from the 6 billion population to give you troubles. He has better things to do.

Spread happiness and hope, and that's exactly what the world is lacking. People would continue to wrong on you, but there is hope, so cling to that and move forward. Spend more time with books, brood on good thoughts, help someone and if you still got time, get some pots and plant something and watch it grow.
This world is fully of infinite possibilities and the last thing it needs is your sad story. Be cheerful and have a great weekend.

Missing me

My journey in the last one year has been to be find me. I was seeing that I was loosing my connection with me, with all the new roles and responsibilities that I am into. It was time to think and it was time to change.

During the technology training that has happened last week, I happened to walk over to where Chandran, my team mate was sitting and suddenly a window popped up. It said - "Thanks for using Autolock remover - Copy left 2009) The minute I saw the word 'copy left' I was intrigued. I remembered this was the window from the utility that stopped the computer to 'lock' itself( then you will have to type your windows credentials to unlock) if remained idle for more than 5 minutes.
Chandran told me that he was using this utility for a very long time, and has been very useful while watching movies, or attending trainings like these. He thanked me for introducing him to this utilty, without realizing that I had coded the same and distributed it to all my team mates a few years back. I never knew I was changing someone's life even in a very subtle way, using my talents. .. . ..

This episode made me think to think over all the talents that are sleeping within me, waiting to be awakened. When I was watching the video below, this is exactly what it came to my mind. May be the video was doctored, but it definitely had something to teach me. To look at myself, connect and become the 100 % more you are supposed to be.

P90X Results - MARINE JAKE's Awesome Transformation

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The joker in YOU

(Heath Ledger as the Joker)

Warning: If this post seems to be too technical please skip this over.

I want to do a character analysis of the character 'The joker' from the batman movie 'The Dark Knight' played by the actor I love the most Mr.Heath Ledger. I have heard that the amount of work he put into this movie to get his character as portrayed in the movie was simply mind blowing. Ledger went on to recieve several awards including Oscar and Golden globe award for best supporting actor for the character he played as 'The Joker'

Since so much work was put into the making of this character, I thought we would learn a lot by observing and studying the character using the psychology methods that I have learned. And I would be glad if you too can join the adventure, I bet this would be fun.

Let's Begin
So let's begin. Imagine you are a psychologist and one day, you get an appointment from someone who claims that he needs help. Being in this profession for a very long time, there shouldn't be much things that should surprise you. But still, here in front of you sits a man, who he claims to be a joker.

How would you begin and what are your thoughts ?

Lets analyze the character type first [Update: Mar 8, 2012]

So is he a neurotic or pshychotic person?
Joker always had a clear sense of time and he always knew where he was, although his behaviour was sometimes eccentric and not understood by many, he was surely not psychotic and surely would not require any psychoses interference in the treatment. Being a neurotic person, care must be taken to ensure that all encounters must be taken in that angle( of that of a neurotic patient)

Analyzing scenes from the movie [Update: Mar 15, 2012]

The Dark Knight: Hospital Scene

[Note: This post would be constantly updated, so please come back for more and don't forget to add your comments in the comment section]

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Food intake and body building

(Tropical fruits : Source: sxc)

Ask any body builder and most of them would vow on one thing which is about thier food intake. There is an old saying in the computer world. Garbage in, garbage out. That is, the computer is only as good as the input you give to it. Similarly your body is only as good as the food you give it.
[For everyone else, who is on steroids and performance enhancements drugs, you shouldn't be reading this ! and should be chilling out with your new found strength]

As part of this idea, my chief resolution for year 2012 was to 'Cook healthy food myself' Now the 'myself' part is very important, because I was one person who found all types of excuse to keep myself away from cooking including common excuses such as lack of time, lack of knowledge and so on.

As part of realizing this goal, today I bought potato and some onion and also checked my stock of chilly power, salt and oil. Everything looks oil and this should give me all the propulsion I need, to take me to the cooking orbit. I also plan to keep a record of what I have done, what I plan to do that week, make sure I have everything required for that menu or make a purchase list of things I need to buy ( Not having things required was another 'genuine' excuse I used to make many a times)

Lately I have been doing with eggs, sausages, making juice myself - rather than buying canned juice with preservatives and also buying fresh fruits(which I was do before) and so on

Wish me all the best

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