Questions for the 'believer'

1. Did you go to church/temple/mosque today ( Friendship and meeting new people, Eye and touch sensory organ)
2. Did you participate in the worship ( Music, satisfaction for the 'hear' sensory organ)
3. Did you hear some 'Godly' music this week (again, music, satisfaction for the 'hear' sensory organ)
4. Did you pray for a huge list of things that you want to get from God ? Did you sign for a new trade agreement ? That is, if God gives me this, I will do this, kind of thing.
5. Did you call up and give your credit card details to a ministry that you saw in God Tv / newspaper/ church / temple?

I found that the questions posted above has a lot to do with your sensory organs a.k.a touch, taste, smell, see and hear. But if your goal is to move about that plane, then I think you must start thinking above these, at a metaphysical level.

Questions posted below, try to tackle your inner self at a higher level. They might not give you any sensory satisfaction. Consider the first question stated below. When you thank God/ spiritual force/ creator/ Shakthi/ Krishna (call HIM/HER whatever you want, since he cannot be named by anyone) a neural pathway is created in your brain, and that is different from the memory states that you get directly from satisfying your sensory organs(touch, taste, smell, see and hear) More about this later. So check out these questions below, and answer yourself and no one else. God bless you.

1. When was the last time you thanked God for being sick, getting drenched in rain, not getting the promotion you 'deserved' ?

2. When was the last time you decided to stop using curse words and gossip with other people ?

3. When was the last time you allowed an elderly person to be allowed in front of you in a queue or when you got up so that he/she could sit, she while you were traveling in public transport ?

4. When was the last time you decided to stop saying 'Your life is sooooooo difficult and so hard to bear' or your physical pains were the most difficult to endure almost forgetting the suffering that people endure on this planet, without having food, clothing or shelter ?
Looking for some 'cool' sympathy ? Right now, at this moment, while you reading this, think about them. Hey guess what, at least you have got eyes. 285 million people are visually impaired as of today according to WHO. Now that's a big number !

5. When was the last time you visited an orphanage/ prison/ old age home/ destitute place or a slum ? When was the last time you spend an entire day with them, at any of these places ?

6. When was the last time you read about teaching from other spiritually enlightened books like Bhagavat Gita, Koran, teaching of Buddha ?

7. How much time did you spend for meditation today ?

Keep looking for answers and you will find the journey more fruitful than the destination. Looking for that right hand side place in heaven near the throne of God ? Man ! Are you expecting to see some 'non-believers' and your enemies on his left hand side waiting to be punished ?

I bet you are gonna be surprised. Have a nice day.