Missing me

My journey in the last one year has been to be find me. I was seeing that I was loosing my connection with me, with all the new roles and responsibilities that I am into. It was time to think and it was time to change.

During the technology training that has happened last week, I happened to walk over to where Chandran, my team mate was sitting and suddenly a window popped up. It said - "Thanks for using Autolock remover - Copy left 2009) The minute I saw the word 'copy left' I was intrigued. I remembered this was the window from the utility that stopped the computer to 'lock' itself( then you will have to type your windows credentials to unlock) if remained idle for more than 5 minutes.
Chandran told me that he was using this utility for a very long time, and has been very useful while watching movies, or attending trainings like these. He thanked me for introducing him to this utilty, without realizing that I had coded the same and distributed it to all my team mates a few years back. I never knew I was changing someone's life even in a very subtle way, using my talents. .. . ..

This episode made me think to think over all the talents that are sleeping within me, waiting to be awakened. When I was watching the video below, this is exactly what it came to my mind. May be the video was doctored, but it definitely had something to teach me. To look at myself, connect and become the 100 % more you are supposed to be.

P90X Results - MARINE JAKE's Awesome Transformation

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