The joker in YOU

(Heath Ledger as the Joker)

Warning: If this post seems to be too technical please skip this over.

I want to do a character analysis of the character 'The joker' from the batman movie 'The Dark Knight' played by the actor I love the most Mr.Heath Ledger. I have heard that the amount of work he put into this movie to get his character as portrayed in the movie was simply mind blowing. Ledger went on to recieve several awards including Oscar and Golden globe award for best supporting actor for the character he played as 'The Joker'

Since so much work was put into the making of this character, I thought we would learn a lot by observing and studying the character using the psychology methods that I have learned. And I would be glad if you too can join the adventure, I bet this would be fun.

Let's Begin
So let's begin. Imagine you are a psychologist and one day, you get an appointment from someone who claims that he needs help. Being in this profession for a very long time, there shouldn't be much things that should surprise you. But still, here in front of you sits a man, who he claims to be a joker.

How would you begin and what are your thoughts ?

Lets analyze the character type first [Update: Mar 8, 2012]

So is he a neurotic or pshychotic person?
Joker always had a clear sense of time and he always knew where he was, although his behaviour was sometimes eccentric and not understood by many, he was surely not psychotic and surely would not require any psychoses interference in the treatment. Being a neurotic person, care must be taken to ensure that all encounters must be taken in that angle( of that of a neurotic patient)

Analyzing scenes from the movie [Update: Mar 15, 2012]

The Dark Knight: Hospital Scene

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