Why so serious son ?


Think of all the fuss and tension we add to this world. Having a hard day, huh ? World has been pretty cruel to you, today too ? Nothing to thank God for ? Would you like to get some free sympathy and caring ?
Grow up girl/ dude ! How long would you continue to be the cry baby? All of us go through problems. God did not pick you up from the 6 billion population to give you troubles. He has better things to do.

Spread happiness and hope, and that's exactly what the world is lacking. People would continue to wrong on you, but there is hope, so cling to that and move forward. Spend more time with books, brood on good thoughts, help someone and if you still got time, get some pots and plant something and watch it grow.
This world is fully of infinite possibilities and the last thing it needs is your sad story. Be cheerful and have a great weekend.