What is your new year resolution ?

What would be the best way to wish your friend than to send a SPAM email/ message/text to him/ her. Its funny when we think about it.
I get greetings from my friends, without my name in the message, or without ANY personal touch, which clearly means that the same message was send to several people, probably 10s or 100's. Whereas my service provider and websites that I have registered to, sends me personalized emails with my name in it, thanks to automated emails by intelligent computer programs !
So its like this, friends send me spam email and machines send me personalized emails. Why are we growing so cold ?
How easy it is these days, to pick up a message and then 'Send to all' or 'CC to all' in your address list. I know that, we all lack time. But how about sending personalized email/ messages to people who are close to you ? You can continue sending spam to everyone else !
I still remember, back in my childhood days, spending time in the shop to pick up the right greeting card, fill it will beautiful messages, addressing it to the right person and sending it to your loved ones. Those days are long past and I don't want to keep complaining about that. But in this age of computers and fast communication, let us stop for a second, slow down and see if there is something that we all can learn from the past.
Next time, when you decide to send some junk 'forwards'/ text/ message to your loved ones, think twice. At least try adding their names, so that it might look like a personalized message. Try adding this to your list of new resolutions and see how love is returned back to you in ways you never imagined.

Have a happy new year